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Problems with coworker



Hi! I read My Stroke of Insight so long ago, that I, too, need to re-read it! As a retired R.N., I think it should be MUST reading for doctors and nurses, giving them “insight” to needs of patients. Agree?




After seeing this book mentioned, I just got a copy. It will take awhile to read. I read slower than I used to read. Thank you for helping motivate me to get back to reading.



Completely agree on required reading for health folks!



Armand…“You never understand it until you experience it”. That’s how I deal with people that are ignorant or indifferent to our plight. I had a doctor that once told me that I have a “silent disability”. Most people that do not know what I have gone through will look at me and not know I’ve had many brain surgeries, suffered a stroke (left side paralysis) post craniotomy and am in severe head pain daily. Even those that knows my travails see me now and don’t know I struggle with concentration, completing tasks, fine motor skills and some proprioception issues. Prior to the AVM rupture in 2006 and AVM obliteration in 2013 I was detailed oriented, a multi-tasker, extremely active & self sufficient. Now I struggle with memory loss, especially short-term. I have come a long way, I am no longer in a wheelchair and I am able to care for myself however, the struggle is real. I am sorry that perhaps your co-worker missed the class on “empathy” but you continue to give your 100% to your job everyday. Make lists, check it 2/3 times if need be like I do everyday. And in the kindest way possible, let your co-worker know “your opinion, is not my reality”. Do not give he/ she any power. A tool that has helped me is doing brain games on Lumosity and AARP websites. Good luck! Hugs.