Private neurosurgeon in the uk

Good Evening All
I Am Looking For A Private Neurosurgeon In The Uk
Any Recommendations Would Be Great.
Many Thanks
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Crystal X

Hi Crystal - I live in the States, but you may want to join the UK group on here and then post this same message there. Below is the link for you to join.

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Hi Crystal, I also hope your doing well :) . My recommendations would be in Glasgow which is a little far and I'm sure there are good surgeons closer to home and family :) . Hope you find what your looking for and check out the list of recommended doctors in the UK group also

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Dr Francis Johnston at park side hospital
We have seen him through the NHS but he works privately as well.

Mr Sorin Bucur. I see him at Hurstwood Park in West Sussex, but am pretty sure he does private work too.
Best of luck!

I wrote a website for a neurosurgeon called Peter Bullock a couple of years ago. His patients certainly thought highly of him. He is based in London and his website is here:

He is the UK’s only intracranial specialist - most neurosurgeons do mainly spinal work, but he’s a head man.


I tried to go privately but was referred to Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield under the NHS. Facilities were really good and I was seen pretty quickly. From diagnosis to Gamma Knife was 6 months. I was embolised a couple of months after first diagnosis.
Cheers Al

Same as Alex that the private hospitals actually said that royal Hallamshire were more experienced in dealing with AVM treatment and they would be a better option.

hi crystal my surgeon Mr Raghu Vindlacheruvu works also in two private hospitals in essex as well as the nhs hospital i was treated @ here is a link to his page hope it helps kind regards amanda

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Hi Crystal. I did a lot of research amongst medical professionals with regards to my daughter’s AVM and the following neurosurgeon came highly recommended and we found him impressive. His name is Kevin O’Neill and he can see patients privately at the Cromwell Hospital in London.

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