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Hi there, I’ve posted a couple of times now, I’m not diagnosed yet but I’m wanting to be looked at. My elder sister had a rupture in her early 30’s, twice, and I’m having similar symptoms to what she experienced beforehand. Therefore, I’m wanting to get to checked out. I’m struggling to get a doctor to listen to my concerns and I want to get this looked at as soon as possible. Do any of you know of any consultants specialising in this area in the more northern region of England? Everything I can find is in London and I live in Cumbria.

Hi jenmariee
I don’t know of any speacialist that look at avms in the private sector in your region but my daughter started to get frequent migraines with auras numb left side etc so we went to our normal gp and explained her symptoms and the fact that I had an avm which bled and they organised a mri for around 2 weeks later (all come back clear) so I’m assuming if you explain the history and your symptoms to your local gp they could also refer you for an mri which is one of the first diagnostics they use to rule out a brain Avm. Hope this helps a little.

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I live in Sheffield, I have a spinal AVM and have my treatment at the Walton Centre in Liverpool, they are fantastic there