Preterm labor

hello everyone.
I’ve been in the hosptial since thursday evening because I started having contractions and dilating. they have given me meds to stop the dilating but I am still having contractions. Not sure how long I will be here or If I will have to be here until it is safe to have her or not.
Tomorrow I will be exactly 35 weeks so that is considered safer for the baby.
The meds they are giving me have been making my headaches worse but everything is showing that Madison is perfectly healthy and is over 6 pounds already!
Please be praying that if she does come soon that everything will be fine and also about my crazy headaches. I will try to keep you guys informed from my husbands laptop.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Brittany, you Madaison and your husband are in my thoughts. i hope everything goes well even if she is early. i hope your headaches subside as well. Best wishes for everything. let us know how it goes when you can.
take care!

Brittany, i am always praying for you, everyday. hang in there you little fighter you.

Thinking of you Brittany! Exciting that soon you will be a mom. Take good care and keep us posted. Be strong.

food and water privileges have been taken away again…the contractions are happening more often and are stronger. Today I am 35 weeks, so things are much safer for her.

my little fighter, your beautiful girl wants to come and meet you, she will be a fighter just like you. what a beautiful mother you are going to be, i am so excited for you and also at the same time holding my breath. i will be checking up on you everyday xxxx

and B, you are soooooo cute keeping us updated even while you are in hospital, i just love it xxxx

Wishing you the best. Can’t wait to see baby pictures. Lots of prayers your way for a safe delivery.

I’ll be praying for you. Keep us updated.

ill also be praying for ya Brittany,this is exciting,your little girl is ready to meet her mom,:slight_smile: how wonderful!! bkeep us posted,ill be watching the postings.xxxooo

Brittany I will be praying for you, take care and say hi to your little bundle of joy when she arrives.

Brittany i will also be praying for you and your family. And at least you have made it this far. Shes darn close to full term so that is very good. I have a friend who is going though this same thing. She has been stuck in the hospital since last week and is on complete bed rest. She is only 31 weeks. Still far along but 35 is always better!! I hope and pray everything will be just great. Can’t wait to see pics of madison on here!!!

Brittany,you are in my prayers…everything will turn out good and soon you’ll have a bundle of joy in your arms. Stay strong :slight_smile:

I REALLY need to know how Brittany is doing so I hope she lets us know soon!!!

Baby is doing great. We are still trying to keep her in…I’m still having contractions and I’m 3cm hoping to hold off on having her til week 37 which starts on the 9th. Not sure if we will make it that long. The last couple days have been horrible!

Stay Strong Brittany, and relax !!!

That’s good news Brittany. Thanks for checking in. Stay strong. We are thinking of you.