Preparing for the craniotomy

Well, big catch up needed here- since my husband's bleed end of January, he has finished with speech therapy and returned to work full time. He still occasionally struggles with words or stutters a bit, but is functioning fairly normally. Things have almost returned to normal- except with the prospect of surgery looming and the risk of a bleed happening again, of course.

His craniotomy brain surgery has been scheduled at Hopkins for Wednesday, June 29th, which is about a week away. His mum is flying in from the UK. He's been making light of the whole thing, saying "It's just like getting a wart removed". Well, he used the word "verucca", but since no one knows what that is exactly... ;-)

So- trying a bit to get the house in order- along with some freelance work and other things I have planned this week- everything kind of got put on hold whilst I worked 72 hour weeks on an HBO movie that was shooting here in town. Finished up with that last Friday night.

I think we'll all be glad when this is over and he's on the mend, but that doesn't make the worry about complications any less. Because the avm is in his left temporal lobe, we run the risk of him needing speech therapy all over again. Or having his sense of smell get screwed up. Or his memory going to sh*t. Or worse. That said, things could have been a lot worse back at the end of January and we know that. He's young (ish!), pretty much healthy except for this and thinking positively. One thing he told me before my female surgery last summer was that you hear all about the surgeries where there are complications, but when they go well, - well, people don't bother to report or post about them much at all because they just get on with their lives when it's over. He's pretty wise- and well, filled with common sense, my husband is. He'll be at one of the best hospitals in the country- the world even, for this procedure. We've all got to just send out those positive vibes and hope for the best.

Hi Beth…I just put the 29th on my calendar and will be thinking and praying for him before and after that date…He is going to the BEST, as Hopkins is number 1 rated…My AVM was on a left temporal lobe, so he is my twin when it comes to saying the wrong word and going for Speech therapy… My pray will be that the surgery takes his AVM away succesfully without any further therapy needed. Best wishes…Keep the Faith, Louisa

Thanks, Louisa. This site has been a treasure trove of information and first hand experiences.

Best of luck to your husband on his surgery! We’ll all be thinking of you both!

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!!!

Hi Beth,

While waiting is most definately the hardest part, we are all so very lucky to benefit from all of the medical advancements with treating our AVMs. I will also be praying for a smooth, successful surgery for your husband and to also help to lift the worries that he, you and the family have to deal with.

Blessings to all of you!


yes same here prayer on the way stay positive think of happy thoughts before they put u to sleep well atlease thats what i did have mine done this year march 1st i been back to work april 18 with full duty with no restrictions as a fireman keep the faith with god will be there for you. pray for your speedy recovery GOD BLESS!!!

Beth, I am sure everything will work out great. For a lot of ppl it does!

Hi Beth,

Both you and your husband have been in my prayers since your last update. With all the prayers being sent your way, I am hoping that all went well yesterday with his surgery to remove the AVM!!!

Many blessings to you, your husband and your family!!!