Preparing for chiari surgery

Okay Folks

Thought I would share what’s up and coming in the Nichols Household. Charlie & I went up to Pittsburgh to have a consult with Dr. Amin Kassam about his Chiari Maformation. Seems this thing is about 15 mm into the area they call the foramen magnum. And so he will need decompression surgery. We went back to Pittsburgh thinking we were probably being alarmists and Dr. Kassam would say, “Don’t worry about it, you are doing okay and there is nothing there that would call for us to intervene at this time.” Unfortunately that was not the case. But he was very direct and very confident in that this Chiari needs to be dealt with. He indicated that when they perform the procedure, they would not touch the brain tissue itself ( before the used cut part of the tonsils- they dont do this anymore) and they would not be removing any of the C1 or C2 vertebrae. Apparently he will cut open the dura and place a patch over it so that there will be more room for the spinal fluid to flow.

We will leave for Pittsburgh on May 26th and his surgery is scheduled for the 29th. He should have his stitiches removed about one week later June 5th or so and then we return to Texas about the 7th or 8th. Dr. Kassam sounded very confident about the surgery and he indicated that in Charlie’s current state that is the worst he will get as a result of the Chiari. He said he had a 50% that his symptoms would go away. Or 50% chance that they would remain as they are. He did not indicate that they would get worse. So this is a very good thing. He also said that this area is relatively “far away” from the AVM on the surface of the brainstem that he need not worry about disturbing the AVM.

I would ask that everyone who prays … please pray to God and Jesus, His son, that God’s will be done in everything. We are to listen and look for others to touch with the face of His Son. I’m plaaning to take a computer with me up there on the day of the surgery. So just know I will keep everone updated. Godspeed everyone & Pray God’s Will.

We will keep you and Charlie in prayers…Yaa bring ur computers up…to update on us. By his stripes we are healed. Prayer really works…he be out in no time…

You and Charlie have my prayers, of course!