?Preparations for surgery

For anyone that has been through surgery, is there anything that you would recommend to someone about to go through it to prepare or do ahead of time that you wish you would have done had you known or thought to do before your surgery yourself? i.e. tips???


Hi Jenny,

Two recommendations--
1. Make mp3 or whatever that you love listening to and take that with you. Include some relaxation and calming music.

2. I'm hesitant to mention this, but after your surgery, taking care of long hair might be more effort than you care to deal with. You might want to give yourself permission to get a short, easy to care for do........ Surgeons really are accommodating, and if possible, will make brain surgeries where it doesn't permanently affect your hairline. Hair grows back, so you can go back at some point in the future.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

What kind of surgery are you having Jenny? ie.. surgery, embolization, radiosurgery ? Good luck!! :)

I'm having an embo on Tuesday but they have the operating room booked for Wednesday in case the embo doesn't work soooo, I'm trying to be prepared for the surgery, and I'll be just thrilled if I "don't" need it.

Ron, actually thanks for mentioning #2. That has actually ran through my mind that it could be a good idea and if I were going to end up needing it cut due to having to have part of it shaved anyway or it being hard to deal with I would just as soon do it now and donate the long locks to the wigs for cancer victims...
and definitely thanks for reminding me about the mp3. I'll need to be sure it's charged up.


Good luck with the embolization, hope it works for you :)

I would suggest bringing foam earplugs and good lip balm, But if you have headphones/earbuds that would work, too. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to cut my hair just yet(sorry Ron). I Prefer to believe the embolisation will work(positive thinking), so your hair won’t be an issue. If it doesn’t work then you can get it cut after the surgery. You gotta go in with the positive attitude the embolisation will work. That’s just me.

Before you go cutting your hair, check w/ your surgeon to see how much he/she intends on cutting.
I have long hair and discovered it's best to braid in 2 braids. While it'll still get tangled post-op, it'll be easier to manage.
During my 3rd surgery, the assisting surgeon actually took time out in the OR to re-braid my hair, so when I awoke I had 3 braids instead of 2! :)
Also, have a detangler spray on hand for someone to help you work through the tangles, but careful to avoid the incision.
As Ron said, hair grows back! :)
Best wishes on your surgery.

HI Wendy,

I wasn't advocating cutting the hair, just offering an opinion. Embos won't have any effect on the hair.

When Chari had her crani, her hair was fairly long, and THICK. Once they moved her back to a regular room, they changed the bandage. As they unwrapped her, I saw that her hair was matted with blood.. I figured the only recourse would be to cut it off. But a very thoughtful RN said not to worry, the next day when Chari felt better, the nurse would help Chari wash the blood out. Not a problem......

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Hi -

-1: pre-set bill-pay
-2: inflatable pillow
-3: extra blanket
-4: favorite "sick" sweater, if you have one
-5: lavendar or something smell-good socks
-6: lotion
-7: humidifier or personal air "cleaner"
-8: peelable fruit

Just be positive and relaxed. It is very important to have faith and be positive and strong. God bless

Thanks everbody! All the advise is very helpful. Tomorrow's the day! ~Jenny