Pregnancy and uterine AVM

Had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago at three months. I was told then that I had this AVM after almost bleeding out. I had an ultrasound yesterday where the doctor seemed amazed and bewildered at the AVM in my uterus. Not at ALL helpful...mostly upsetting. I just want some answers....what next?
The night it happened they prepped me for a hysterectomy - luckily it did not come to this.
I am in Toronto. I have been reading about embolizations.....has anybody had one here? Anybody know of specialist here?
How long does it take to schedule???? Can you get pregnant with an AVM without one????
I meet with a doctor next week...but feel up front...he has no real answers.
I am lucky enough to have one 16 month happy and healthy toddler but would love to give her a sibling.

Start here, hotrod:

Contact the doctors in the article to see who they recommend in Toronto. I don't think you should get pregnant before an embolization. Pregnancy may worsen the AVM.

Send friend requests to honeybeeB (, goldfish (, lmarie (, and Angela ( They are your best guides for these questions.

Also, hotrod, we have a subgroup you should join:

Read all of the past discussions, and you will find more women with uterine AVMs.

Great. Thanks for the help!