Pregnancy and AVM in upper leg


Has anyone had an AVM in their leg/buttocks area and gone through pregnancy/vaginal delivery? I am thinking about having a 3rd child but now a little hesitant with my new diagnosis.

After having my 2nd child I was told to have what the doctors thought was just a birthmark checked out before having another child because it was strained during delivery. I have sense had this looked at and was told this was a AVM and May Thurnors… Since this discovery, I have had 2 stents put in (for the MayThurnors) and 2 rounds of sclarotherepy. I was recently told that they believe there is a fistula and now have to go back for a repeat MRI. It seems like the doctors aren’t totally knowledgeable regarding AVMs in the leg area.

Also, I have also recently been referred to a neurologist for this. I am not sure this seems right since the location is in my leg. Any recommendations on doctors in the Michigan, Ohio/Indiana/surrounding areas you would recommend?

Thank you!


Welcome to the site! You ask lots of interesting questions! I agree, it sounds like they are none too sure but a neuro (if they find an appropriately experienced one with AVMs might give some useful info, as often AVMs present in the brain. So a neuro may well have broader experience.

It does sound like you need to find someone with “extremity AVM” experience. We do have a small community of extremity AVMers. Have a look under Types of AVM and under Extremity AVM… scroll down the home page to find those sections.

You may also want to look into the Pelvic And Uterine area, too.

Good luck!