Preexisting warning for AVM attack


I didn't know what that was called but my Dr told me that's what I hear all the time. He listened to my neck to see if he could hear my AVM and told me he could. I asked if that was the sound I hear behind my left ear...same side as my AVM and he said yes. All this time I thought it was my blood pressure and everyone could hear the same all the time! I was dumbfounded!

Karen Warner said:

My bleed was a long time ago (1975) BUT I still remember and always will. It was an instantaneous "worst headache of my life". Within an hour I began to vomit, but that didn't last long, thank God, because it wasn't helping the headache. In hindsight, I had what they call a 'bruit'....I could hear the blood pumping in my head.

I understand you can have small bleeds and not even know it. Guess mine was big - LOL!

I had a Hemorrhagic Stroke, a fancy medical term for a major AVM bleed. It started out like a migraine. my migraine would start with a numb patch of skin on my face that moved around and then went away. then i would get tunnel vision, i gould see straight ahead but the corner of my eyes looked like snow on a tv with no signal. then the pain would hit with vomiting. Mine was like that only after about 30 min i couldn’t hold my head up and my left arm and leg felt heavy and very hard to move. Im sure everyone is different but, the best way to be ready is make sure those around you know what you have and know what to do when the time comes. the worst thing you can do is sit a dwell on it.

Karen, What sound was that? And using a stethoscope did he put it on your neck artery?Carotid

It is scary hoping it does not happen again. Thanks to all

At that time I was only diagnosed with a berry aneurysm. 35 years later they find an AVM that was probably there all along.

No one listened for a sound, then. But I could hear it. For me , it was "whooosh - zzzzzt"; goes with the heart beat

That could be confused with a heart problem also I would think. So this sound is coming from the AVM?

35 yrs later! Back then I guess they really did not know what they were dealing with.

Thanks for your info.

OK, let me clarify. But first I need to correct the sound. It was "ZZZZt - whoooo".

In 1975, when I hemorrhaged, I heard the sound in my head. I was diagnosed with a berry aneurysm (which was probably from the UNdiagnosed AVM).

From what I've read about the history of brain surgery, I don't think they went looking for AVMs back then because they really didn't want to deal with them. M & M rate too high.

Went to ER 10/8/10 with tingling in my arms, elevated BP, low HR, felt like I might pass out. Bunch of tests to make sure I wasn't dying right then and there. Followed up with doc. Tested thyroid and heart then referred to neurologist. Had CTA in Jan '11 which found the AVM. I haven't heard the bruit since 1975, but when I have a bad headache now, I listen for it....LOL!

Good book about a man's personal experience (1983 was when he bled, I think) and good info on history of neurosurgery

called "A Bomb in the Brain" by Steve Fishman.