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Pre Sheffield Gamma Knife


Hi - new to the site. I was diagnosed with AVM on my left frontal lobe of brain Nov 2017 following MRi after car accident so chance find. Am about to go to Sheffield for Gamma knife but really very unsure whether to do it or not. My AVM has not ruptured ever, I am 52. It is a grade 2 close to the skull so am told good chance to treat but am unsure of side-effects. Has anyone here been to Sheffield for Gamma. What side effects might I expect and I know everyone is different. Thank you



Welcome to AVM survivors! I can’t tell you much about gamma knife but we have plenty others here who’ve done that. What I can tell you is that Sheffield is the centre of excellence for radiotherapy in the UK, so you’re in the very best hands.

Have a look in the section in the left margin on Types of Treatment – there’s a gamma knife section – and I’m sure others will answer this thread, too.

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Welcome to the site! I can’t tell you anything about Sheffield, but I have had gamma knife just over two years ago. Side effects vary for a variety of reasons, location, size of AVM being two. The larger the size the greater the scope of radiation, mine was deep on the inside of the left temporal. Size was a grade 1 but location upped it to a 2. I had some things I attribute to the gamma knife and likely a little swelling as a result, but nothing that required treatment. Some odd feelings still but I believe that is as a result of my bleed. I’m going to find out in a few weeks how I’ve progressed. I was 48 when mine decided to announce itself! Take Care, John.


Thank you both - helps enormously to read other people’s experience. Mine I think is Grade 2 Left Temporal.



I meant for you to have a look in here: https://www.avmsurvivors.org/c/symptoms-treatment/gamma-knife-radiation

Have a read of the various stories that are in here, which will tell you a lot about gamma knife and people’s experience. I know you’ve posted a new thread, so I’ve moved that into this category.

Beware answering posts that are more than 2 years old, as we moved sites about 2.5 years ago and not everyone got used to the new site, so you may not get answers to older stories. But they are a good reading reference.

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