Pre Day Treatment

OK So today is Tuesday April 7th. Post birthday for Joe which was awesome thanks to me the Girlfriend, I made sure he had all his favorites: Grilled Rockfish, Oysters, wild rice and lemon meringue pie!! So today we start a dose of steroids. 1 in the am and 1 in the pm. this is supposed to help with the headaches. Then once he starts the treatments he will continue to take a regime of these till they are gone. Their theory is to be proactive with minimizing them.
So tomorrow Joe starts his first round of radiation treatment. He is nervous but ready to get this done. Fingers crossed! I will update as I can over the next days what he is feeling.

Hi Deby, I remember welcoming you recently and just reviewed your profile. I continue to admire you as a girlfriend and Joe's birthday dinner sounds wonderful. I will keep Joe and you in my prayers and yes please update when you can find the opportunity.

Best wishes for swift and sure results from the treatment! Thinking of your both today, and in the days ahead.