Prayers wanted!

This time I am asking for the prayers -- for myself and for my doctor, so he has a steady hand!! On Monday I leave for the MAYO Clinic in Minnesota for a procedure to take care of my double vision! I have lived with this for 21+ years. . . So I am excited and nervous! The doctor is quite confident, he had me order glasses with no prisims! Send prayers!!

Prayers on the way!

I will cross post this one on the prayer sub-group on here! Good luck!

God bless and my prayers are always with my fellow AVM'ers

Will keep you in my prayers.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers!


You and your physician will be in my thoughts and prayers. Know that I will be at your side,..albeit in spirit,...but there just the same.

Best wishes. Let us know how it goes.

God bless, my prayers and thoughts are with you

Dear Heavenly Father, Give to Diane's doctor a steady hand and the skill to do his task with ease and perfection. Give to Diane and her loved ones the reassuring faith that You are with them and calm all their anxieties and nerves during the coming hours of Diane's procedure. All this I ask, Father, in the Precious Name of Jesus, AMEN!


My prayers are with you Diane!!!

Update -- I am home now!! Slow moving -- eye drops every hour, but it was great waking up this morning in my own bed, opening my eyes and seeing only one bedpost!! Thank you - everybody for the kind words and the prayers!!

Barbara how and where is the prayer sub-group on this site?? Thanks for doing it!

Here is the linkā€¦

So glad to hear that Diane :)
And thanks for the link Barbara!

Hello Diane
I will be praying for you and sending positive thoughts to you and your family!
I am sure if your doctor is at Mayo that the doctor is good and has a steady hand. I just hand my first angio and emblo last Thursday at Stanford. For me ice packs were/are key to my recovery

Praying right now!