Prayers for me

For those of you that believe in the power of prayer please pray for me. Last night I was throwing up and had a sick headache. Now i am feeling a little better but I have to have an exray on my stomach where my doctor puts a small camera down my throat. Pray that all goes well for me today and thank you.


Hi Allison, I’m going to enlist whatever powers I can muster to make your ordeal quick and painless. I’m really doing that right now. Best wishes, Greg


I am sending you all the good energy and wishes. I hope all is well?


When i called my doctor and told her about my throwing up she said i better reschedule my xray. It seems like I’m always rescheduling! And it’s so annoying. You see, my doctor thinks I may have a peptic ulcer and the xray would confirm it. Now I got to wait til Nov 9 before I really know. But anytime prayers are good for me and I do appreciate them very very much!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nothing but :pray:

Very very sorry to hear:/

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