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Prayer & Best Wishes Diary, June

Is there anyone else up for a procedure in June? So far, I’ve got
@Carita safely through an embolization on 13 June
@Lorna has had stereotactic radiosurgery, 13 June
Mikey (@mikeysmom) had surgery on 13 June. Prayers for full recovery please
@jdale safely through surgery on AVM no 1 on, 20 June
@berlin112 safely through embolization on 27 June
@Kell safely through embolization, 29 June
@Ann6 safely through pipeline stent on 22 June
@KSue safely through gamma knife 27 June

I just thought we could get the power of prayer and positive thought working for people… (I don’t do prayer but I do do the positive thinking sort of idea and I’ll root for anyone, any creed, any colour, any persuasion, anywhere).

I also want to add the following to our list of people we are thinking about who each have relatives who have had surgery that are struggling to make it back post surgery.

@zahra1988 Zahra’s brother.
@Charles3 being looked after by Dan.

Also, Amrit & family @Khaira09 who have very sadly lost Shanaz.


So thoughtful of you Richard. That’s what we are here for. To love and support each other.


Thanks Richard! I think Lorna is having hers on the 13th.


You’re right! I’ve updated the list at the top.


Great idea Richard! Looks like Tuesday will be a big day this week. Thoughts and prayers will be with Lorna and Carita for sure.


You all are so awesome!!! The power of prayer is strong and I totally appreciate it. I will be praying for you all as well☀️God Bless!!!



It just felt like we had a lot of people heading for treatment. If I’ve still missed anyone, somebody tell me and I’ll get them on the diary.

And the power of Positivity :sunny:️…Thank you all so much and may we all find the best outcomes :blush:

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It looks like egarcia0 is on the 13th of this month as well…we will all be thinking of you @egarcia0☀️

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I think Enrique has had his operation and is waiting for a scan to see how effective later this month.

However, Joergen in Norway has his neurosurgery on 20th June, so I’ve added him. He doesn’t speak English very well but certain popular online translation tools mean its perfectly possible to chat with each other. His update today is:

“Should be operated next Tuesday, avm one is between 3-5 cm in the brain, it must be removed with neurosurgery at haukeland hospital.”

He’s been given a choice between surgery and gamma knife and has chosen surgery but is not sure which to choose or why. He lost his father to an AVM and his daughter had a bleed the day after the tsunami in 2004.

I also feel the need to add some other folk to the prayer list… those whom we know are waiting and hoping for recovery. I’m aware of Amrit’s cousin and Zahra’s brother but also Charles is always in my thoughts.

Love to all,


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Thank you s much dear Richard.

Healing prayers to all!!
I have my consult for gamma knife tomorrow
will be scheduled during the meeting

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I am going in the 22nd for a pipeline, thank you

I will be praying for everyone also!

Thank you Lorna for your kindness and comfort.

I believe the positive deeds among us are a very strong support that most of us need, particularly those wishes coming from people under similar conditions.

High moral to confront issues are always the first medication to help us.



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Good idea


Kell tells me she’s been bounced to 29th June, so calming and patience prayers and thoughts for Kell, please!


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