Pray For Abby Sunderland

I hope a lot of you can join me to pray for Abby Sunderland, she is lost at sea. Read her story here.

They found her!!! They still have to wait another 24 hrs. until the vessel to rescue her can get to her. Um you used a plane to communicate with her why didn’t you just grab her while they were there?

It’s wonderful news, prayers answered. I’ll keep praying for her until she reaches safety.

Yes, thank God she’s okay. Jamie, from what I understand, the plane they sent to communicate with her was a Qantas jet. It can’t land on the water. I’m not sure why they sent a jet, but maybe it was because she was so far out there that nothing but a jet would have enough fuel to make it out there and back. I do know that she was found at the outer limits of the jet’s fuel capacity.

To answer some of the ignorant commentary on here -

  1. it was near on impossible to fly a seaplane on a 6000km roundtrip, into the Indian Ocean - which is the last place a small yacht should be during the turbulent southern hemisphere/antarctic winter - you’d think technology should be more advanced, but the Apple Corp hasn’t gone that far yet.
  2. a jet was sent out so she could be located asap - that way, the closest craft (a French Fishing Boat) could reach her, once the co-ordinates were known. (OMG - we still rely on longitude and latitude?)
  3. stop looking at your small desktop globe, and thinking that the distance between land masses Africa and Australia is only six inches.
    As for the prays for Abby herself, I DO totally agree with James’ lovely sentiment - it would be a frigthening experience for any adult, let alone a child.
    Personally, I hope the US authorities have the guts to remove her from her parents care, and ensure the parents remunerate the fishing vessel owners, the airline and the Australian Defence forces. Australian Taxpayers have funded rescue missions for many years, putting Australians at risk everytime there is a round-the-world race, or someone with a sailboat and a massive ego wanting to get into the Guinness Book of world records for being the fastest /youngest/oldest.
    More importantly, I pray that all of you, our AVM family here on this wonderful site, are travelling well