Power of faith

I had a AVM bleed in 2006, and I was about 20 min away from death. I had a couple of operationsin March and April, and when I got home, I discovered that I had multiple problems, such as some loss of sight, and damage to my memory, and more seriously seizures.

I’ve been praying since I was in hospital. I remember while I was in hospital spend easter holidays, I prayed at the little chapel, and I thought about the pain that Jesus went through.

I always believed that I can recover, and in the last since the operation, though I had several seizures, I managed to continue to improve. I started doing big jigsaw puzzles, which is good for improving memory.

I managed to return to work, which is in the field of software development. I realised that it was not for me any more, as I simply don’t have the mental capacity to do such demanding work any more.

However I believe that it was a miracle that I survived and recovered. Ask your friends and family to pray for you. I remembered the story in the bible, as a woman touched Jesus’s robe, and said that I will be made well as I believe.

I really enjoyed this James. Many of us realize that after our AVM’s, life brings us change. We are changed, slowed down, but that gives us more time to listen to and help others. I was just like you, less than an hour from death I’m told. So we know we are here for a reason my friend:) Thanks be to God::))))