Posting pictures

Please help me figure out how to post pictures. I want to reply to a person that wants pictures of everyone’s AVM. I have one, but I can not figure it out how to post it.

Hey Melissa
I’ll ‘try’ to explain how to upload. I say ‘try’ 'cos I’m not sure it’ll work, but here goes.

When you press ‘Reply’ you get a textbox,
At the top of the textbox there are 12 icons
A speech bubble which is ‘Quote whole post’, Capital ‘B’ which is Strong, Capital ‘I’ which is for Emphasis etc if you run your cursor over them, they highlight and tell you their function. The 7th tab says ‘Upload’.
If you click on the tab you’ll get a popup menu "Add an image or a file’.
It gives you 2 options ‘From my device’ or "From the web’.
If you click ‘From my device’ you need to locate it on your system by clicking ‘Browse’ and following through file tree to the image’s location.
If you click ‘From the web’ then you need to give the web address of the specific file.
Once you have the desired file from the desired location in the textbox, click the blue ‘Upload’ box in the lower left corner.

This “should” (I hope) allow you to upload the file you want.
Please let us know if it works.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

I finally did it after I asked this question. Now if I can just remember what to do next time. Lol. My memory is terrible!

Hey Melissa,
At least you had a go and got it done, that’s a plus.
As for remembering, only repetition helps for me. If I do it again and again I can retain it, but if I don’t use those skills for a while they vanish.
We won’t talk about memory… … mine chronic bad. If I don’t write it down POOF, it’s gone. I (jokingly) look at my wife and say ‘And who are you again?’ WHACK as she hits me in the arm, but sometimes my memory really can be THAT bad.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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