Post Uterine AVM embolization and 1st period

Following a miscarriage and weeks of serious bleeding, an AVM was located and an embolization done. They used the micro beads.
I just started my period and I know I shouldn’t expect it to be normal but…after three days of reasonable not bright red bleeding, I passed a tissue with micro beads in it. It was a tough consistency and didn’t come out with a lot of blood. Anyone experience something like this?
I hope I can get some feedback…it is so hard to find information on Uterine AVMs.


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You need to call your doctor. They used a glue when they did my embolization, but told me all about the other materials they could use and they talked about the beads and the risk of them getting in your blood stream. Not to freak you out but they will probably want to make sure that the beads stayed in position.
Good luck I hope everything works out !

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I have had an UAE, uterine artery embo after months of hemmorhaghing during menopause. Age 48. If I were you I wd def inform the MD who did the practice. Microbeads expelled vaginally was never communicated to me as a normal expectation. My MD now has a Physician’s Assistant who manages all the follow up care. The MD may simply wish to do some visual inspection thru MRI or arteriogram. It might help determine if excess beads were expelled, or if part of the blocking agent is falling apart. Pls let us know the outcome!