Post Treatments

Sorry I am just getting to posting. Joe had his 3 treatments last week. Treatment lasted about 30 min and were done in 3 consecutive days. He basically laid on a table with a mesh mask over his head and was bolted down to keep head in place. He said the cyber robot was awesome! He is on a steroid to keep the brain swelling down. Its been a week now and no headaches or other symptoms! That was the biggest concern cause the treatment can cause headaches, blurry vision or possible hearing changes. The side effects of the steroids is lack of sleep and increased appetite (omg he is eating so much lol). He just now is feeling sleepless so he decided to go surf fishing. He has a six month appointment for follow up to see if AVM started to shrink. Over the next few months we just have to be aware of any symptoms and notify Dr. Other then that life as usual for him. Thanks to Christiana Radiation Center they are all awesome! Hope this helps give some info to anyone that is considering the Cyberknife Radiation treatment.

That’s great, Deby, thanks for the update! The reasons why people choose cyberknife treatment are different, but there is one thing we all have in common - the majority of folks have their AVM obliterated successfully after two or three years. It’s so important to hear from people like you who are making the best of the situation. Please be sure to tell Joe I wish him all the best with his treatment, and his surf casting! :slight_smile:

Thanks for this posting, Deby, and best wishes to Joe!