Post treatment

Almost 2 months since Joe had his radiation treatment. Only side effect he lost hair. He didn't have that much to start with so I convinced him to get his head shaved lol. First time I have ever seen him with no hair! But he looks good. He has mostly good days. I see some down days he still has trouble with his speech and gets hung up on words but that was the remnants of the stroke. They said he may or may not get that back. I try to ask him often how he feels and he just says fine. So other then the patch of lost hair he is doing well after 2 months. We won't know any results till at least 6 months. I will keep you all posted any changes or hopefully none! Take care everybody have a wonderful summer!!

Thanks for the update, Deby. Joe is lucky he has you to support him. :) You have a great summer, too!

Deby, I have speech difficulty, as well since my brain hemorrhage 7 years ago. While I still have difficult with it, it has gotten better than it was from the beginning. Please let Joe know it will get better. Also that it seems I have a harder time when I am tired. You both have a wonderful summer! Stay Strong & Positive!