Post Treatment #11

Howdy All,
Arie is post treatment #11. It feels good for us all to have it said and done. I think each time we go into this it is one way old hat and another very stressful! Arie had a good trip this time. I was glad to see that our observations were correct! That Dr. Yakes did find more to take care of. Her growth spurt of 4 lbs. and 2 inches really did effect her. I am very glad we didn’t wait until end of summer to have Dr. Yakes check her out!
It is amazing how quickly that her AVM did grow. Dr. Yakes had released Arie in January saying that there was only a little bit he couldn’t get to that should be ok for 6 months. I feel that sometimes I see the change and am just being over critical, I am glad that I wasn’t wrong at all! I think we are doing the right thing by getting into Dr. Yakes before it gets too big, and harder to treat.
In January we had a bit more post treatment pain, this time we only have a bit of blistering and quite a bit of swelling. She woke up from her procedure telling me she was hungry and that she had a barrel in her mouth! Ha! Each time we go I have to chuckle, the nurses in the recovery room always argue over who gets to take care of her! I love the recovery room nursing crew they have at Swedish. They are always so kind and loving to all their patients, not just Arie. Though they all tend to come over to check on her, while we are there. They make Arie waking up so much easier for us both.
I added a few pictures taken on Friday. She has her pretty wavy hair from having french braids in for 2 days. One of the high school age kids at her school offered for her Grandma to come and braid Arie’s hair. What a treat! It made her feel so pretty going into this and it meant no icky blue hat! The hat’s always make Arie hot coming off all the drugs used in anastesia.
Again, thank you to you all for your continued support. Ben, again I thank you for giving all of us the support that this site gives us in this long journey we are on!

jody, be strong, how nice to have Arie’s hair done, she would hve felf so special.
my prayers are with you and your family xxx

Jody, I am so glad Arie is doing well and recovering nicely. She is such a pretty girl and so fortunate to have such a great Mom. I remember how my Mom cared for me when I was Arie’s age dealing with my AVM and it meant so much to me having that support. I think it was tougher on my Mom than it was on me as at that age. I didn’t fully understand everything about my AVM and condition. So I admire you so much for all you are going through and know God will see you and Arie and the family safely through all of this.

So glad it all went well! And yes, quite a bit of swelling for her this time, but I’m sure it will go down quickly… I can’t believe she has grown 2 inches. Is she taller than you yet? ha ha!
Steve’s right. I know that having my parents care for me at that age was so important. And as Arie starts to understand and internalize all of this, the support from you and Denny will definitely help her to psychologically deal with all of it. She IS a beautiful little girl, both in looks and personality and much of that is a reflection of mom & dad.
Give her a hug from me & Josh!

I’m so glad that Arie’s treatment went so well!

I love the new pic of arie…she is so beautiful

Jody – thanks for the information on post-treatment #11. I’m Grady’s mom and he has had 5 embollizations on his top-lip AVM. He, too, loves to swim and I’m hopeful he can have a normal, happy and athletic life with his facial AVM.