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Craniotomy was 7/26, home 7/30. Angio done before I left OR. Got it all! After 2 weeks at home physical therapist said I didn’t need PT as long as I kept doing what I was doing which was a little more each day. Drove 9/7! NO HEADACHE EVERY SINGLE DAY like before-praise God. Hope to slowly return to work in Oct. Self-employed housekeeper so I can take back one job at a time and see what I can handle. Was scared to death but ya know, to a neurosurgeon its just his job like mine is scrubbing toilets - LOL



That’s great! It’s important for you and others here to be able to shout “SUCCESS!!!” so beautifully from time to time! It’s great to know you’re doing really well, and it sounds like your return-to-work plan is good, too.

I love your analogy! Absolutely right, you know.

Lots of love and best wishes