Post surgery

Can anyone help me with understanding post surgery wellness?
I had a failed attempted AVM ablation six weeks ago and I am suffering dizziness as my vestibular nerve was damaged during surgery. I have been told six months recovery but I am keen to know if anyone experienced this and if they had s full recovery. I lost my hearing on the left side permanently too.

Thank you Val


I can’t help you immediately but I hope you get better. I’ve just had my embolisation and I’m quite dizzy, so I hope I’m not doing the same as you. If I am, we’ll have to work it out between us.

Thanks for sharing the post.

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Thank you Richard for your reply.

Wish you a speedy recovery. If you or I suffer from dizziness this time in a couple months we should make contact and try to find out if it will settle itself.

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I had my craniotomy performed in 1987 and remember it was really strange for quite some time. I was quite affected for at least six months. Then, I had my shunt replaced and things became alot clearer.

Thank you for letting me know. My dizziness is improving, albeit slow. My surgeon said six months recovery too
Best wishes

I remember having slept alot and that the times that I’d usually have been sleeping were when I’d be wide awake.

It only lasted 3 months for me; I had to go back to high school for my junior year. Also, I had to attend physical, occupational and speech/language 3 days per week after high school, too.

If you have a damaged short-term-memory, please look into the use of DragonNaturallySpeaking!

I started using it 16 years after my craniotomy and was able to re-strengthen my cognition, substantially.

Thank you for sharing this. Luckily my memory is good just my balance isn’t great but working had with vestibular physiotherapist

My balance and memory/cognition went to pot when my ventricular shunt ceased to work when I hit my growth spurt; even if an individual with a shunt has gone through his or her growth spurt, his or her shunt can go bad. Please check shunt, regularly.

Have you heard of braiding?

Never heard of braiding. What is this?

It’s a physical therapy exercise that might help you.

You stand, place one foot in front, crossed in front of the other; then move sideways, crossing your other foot in font of your first foot and tepeat. It causes you to move sideways.

Thank you. I shall try this a few times a day is where I blog.

Please contact me if I can help you. It’s been 30 years for me.

Thank you. I have joined but awaiting a request from you for an invite

I’m more than 30 years out. After my craniotomy, I graduated high school, took a degree in Creative Writing and, in 2011, I took a master’s degree in Writing.

I took my first degree in '96 and couldn’t find full-time, permanent employment. Then, I began tutoring higher education writers and worked my way through grad school. I work part-time as a tutor of writing at a university, assist writers, freelance, blog, write, edit and proofread.

I know it was more than a year before things got even passably normal for me; let that be known.