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Post surgery leg pain


I recently had my AVM embolized and removed (yay), except I have had this severe leg pain in my left leg and did not have this before surgery and was wondering if anyone experienced anything similar? Embolization- 4 hours, surgery- 9 hours. pMy AVM was on the right frontal lobe. This seems to be my only problem. After many tests, labs, etc.- there is no known “cause” for my severe leg pain, which is driving me nuts. They almost discontinued my pain medication, and I was going crazy- this pain keeps me up, I have a hard time sleeping, walking, and having conversations- because I’m mainly saying ow or crying.

Thank you for any responses. Any suggestions are appreciated.


I had a lot of leg pain after my rupture/stroke/surgery.
Doctors called it neuropathic pain.
pain meds did little to relieve the pain.
they put me on steroid meds and that helped immensely.


That’s what one of the doctors said, but then they said it wasn’t related to surgery. I thought okay, it’s really strange that this happened after surgery and not before. I just hate this avoiding any responsibility thing. Thank you for telling me about your experience.


I have severe leg pain now from time to time and I didn’t even have surgery, I had cyber knife radiation and am currently on steroids. Mine is also the worst in the middle of the night. Sometimes I wake up with it and it goes away later in the day but it is very painful. At first I thought it was side effects from the steroids but it may just be from my AVM.


I had some numbness is my right leg and the only thing that helped me was walking and running. I know that sound weird and may not help you but hopefully it will.


Medical marijuana. Takes all the pain away. Try any type and see. Or if a buddy can get it. Trust me. It’s more effective then morphine!!!


I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing pretty severe leg pain. Pain sucks!

I had a left foot AVM embolized over the last few months (4 angiograms/embolizations). During the last one (last Friday) the Interventional Radiologist said he found a blood clot in my artery down around my ankle. He said he “sucked it out” with one of his catheter tools.

It is possible (probably small chance) that you are experiencing leg pain due to a small blood clot. I imagine there are diagnostic tests available to rule this in/rule it out. If its not blood flow related, the pain may be caused by nerves/central nervous system response to your previous procedure(s).

Hang in there- it will get better!


No blood clot. All my tests are normal, which is driving me and the doctors a little crazy. My pain med can only do so much. The cause of it is just iffy. Currently, radiculitis might be why. But, I keep getting different causes. Just a little fed up.