Post surgery -- 2 months

Hello all. My daughter had her surgery (crainiotomy) on 2/1/13 and it went well. Her AVM was 2.0cm, left-side, toward the back, kind-of over the temporal-parietal "seam". For anyone anxious about an upcoming crainiotomy, I can only say that for a (otherwise) healthy 18-yr old it was no where as scary as I feared. The only surprise was the appearance of seizures.

She has had a few seizures and is now taking Keppra, 2000mg twice a day. She is still healing from the surgery and is finding it hard to accept toned-down physical activity along with her cognitive issues. She just plain old wants to feel NORMAL on some level, and that can't happen for a few months yet. So she is finding it hard to be patient.

About 2 weeks ago she has had (hopefully) her last adjustment to the anti-seizure medication. It was a small one....being no expert, I can only say that it was short in duration and there was no loss of awareness.

We are expecting to return to the neurosurgeon in May for a check-up. Neurologist sometime this month. Justine is really doing well in her self-taught guitar! She has been cleared to do some light jogging, but it will likely be July or early August before she is physically "100%". She is also working hard on her reading and writing. Still a struggle for her. She had hoped to audit a course this summer, but the neurosurgeon said no. The receptive aphasia is probably her biggest problem.

Her spirits are still pretty high. She has found a local brain-trauma group to connect with her age group (18-25). We are hopeful that it will help her to cope with things.

I do wish I had more time to invest in this site. Her mom & I are finding personality changes, and some moodiness. We could only hope to weather the storm she is in with the grace & composure she does! Still, as parents, it is so hard to see your child being held back. We are keeping busy, and that has helped. I guess I hope to stay in touch here, and pick up some tips over the summer. Who knows? I may even be able to help that I know the initial "rush to find out what this AVM thing is", research into brain-bleeds, strokes, seizures, surgery vs. embolization vs. radiation, search for Doctors, etc.

Thanks for listening.

All the best to your daughter! I am happy that her craniotomy went well, and I am sure she will continue to improve.

Continued success with her recovery. Very pleased to hear that all went well with her craniotomy.

I'm happy to hear overall, it went well for her. That is good that she was able to find a support group of others that are around her age. That will benefit her a lot.

Patience is alway a tough one when we are recovering. Our thought are telling us one thing and our body is saying "No". Advice her to listen to her body - it knows best.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery, :)