Post operative seizures

Craioniotomy 4 weeks ago, two days after operation developed stoke like symptoms that last 5min to 1/2 hour left side of body such as arm and face but legs ok. Halo sensation round my head - told these are seizures and should pass - any one else had these ?

Many members develop post-operative seizures and need to take anti-convulsant medications, richwag. I have noticed that for some reason, our UK members are not prescribed anticonvulsants for seizures as regularly as our US members are. You may wish to join our seizure group for more feedback:

Many thanks

That is disconcerting that you weren't put on seizure medicine post-op. I believe it is a standard practice, considering there is structural damage resulting from any brain surgery or injury that can increase the risk of seizures.

Both my neurosurgeon and neurologist informed me that all patients undergoing a craniotomy have an increased risk for seizure (perhaps 15%) and therefor most - if not all - are prescribed meds for around six months post-op.

I'm especially curious as to why you weren't advised to take anything given the length of your seizures. I know that with a grand mal seizure (which you did not), if it lasts for more than two minutes there is great cause for concern.

I would ask whichever doctor is responsible for your follow up care why they have chosen not to medicate. Perhaps there is a sensible reason. If you find their answer unsatisfactory or if you want a second - or more - opinion, ask the other doctors/surgeons who have treated you.

The post-op care was the trickiest for me as I learned that you have to be your own health advocate as there are multiple doctors involved - each with their own opinion/diagnoses/treatment - and this can lead to important things being missed.

I hope this helps

I think you are onto something but this is new to me so I’m a bit in the dark. To make it clear I’m more than happy being avm free and feel amazing and if I have mild seizures so be it. My surgeon thinks the seizures will pass within time but he believes to prescribe seizure drugs would cause me issues in the future - not medical but practical with driving and employment. I’m happy to take his advice, 4 weeks on the seizures have calmed down and not as strong so they may pass but I seem to have hit a point where they are staying the same and getting no worse and no better. Guess I’m looking for some one who may have had the same.

Try Manux: