Post-Operative Care

After my AVM,cerebral bleed and crainiotomy to remove the
AVM I very slowly recovered and was released from the hospital. About 6 months later I was given a cat scan for the brain, and an interview with my neurosurgeon and that was that. It has now been almost 13 1/2 years and I have not seen another neurosurgeon since. I see my usual MD for any problems.

When I had my eye problems last Fall, I was given the
full brain MRI and MRA tests because they suspected
something like another aneurysm and that was the last
thing on earth I wanted. The doctors looked for every
possible dangerous problem, and I think that they did
a good job. Right now my eyes are doing OK, and I am
functioning well so I have nothing to complain about.

Should there not be some other special care for recovering
patients like myself and perhaps the others here on this site? I think so. It takes time to go through the
regular MD and sometimes we don't have much time available.

Sometimes I think that I am really over all of this, but
it is not that simple. It is something to watch over to make sure that it does not reoccur, even thirteen years later.

May all of you here outlast your symptoms and outlive
your illness.

John Is this website to close? Ur posts are helpful to me BC we were the same age when this happened to me. I can
an only hope that I am as lucky. Will u stay in touch or blog where I can follow? Thanks, Pat

Ur last response I lost. U keep blogging, k? Sign me a wounded friend.