Post op advice please?

I have my crainitomy scheduled for the 30th April. I am very very anxious and was wanting to know if you guys would like to share any pre op tips or advice? It would be very much appreciated. Tahnks x

Just take it easy and positive and strong no matter what...i know its hard but its crucial...keep us posted we are all thinking of you.

Ive been there and it was scary but look at it like this...once its done you will be AVM free. I think the worst part for me was the morphine as it really drugged me out

God bless.

Hi Lynn. You will be tired…everyone is after brain surgery. Do not worry about it. Concentrate on the word obliterated. You will love knowing that this beast (AVM) is gone. I marked 30 April on my smartphone and you will be on my prayer list!

I had really long hair when I had my craniotomy (to clip 2 aneurysms), so I french braided it the morning of surgery. They shaved the part they needed to shave, and the rest was out of the way. It kept it from becoming a matted mess while I was in the hospital.

After I got home, I found that sometimes I wouldn't realize how bad I was hurting until it hurt so bad that I needed to take painkillers right then & felt to bad to wait to preparte something to eat to go with the painkillers. I had some dark chocolate peanut butter cups in the fridge & I'd eat those prior to taking a Vicodin.

Take the pain meds you are prescribed regularly. Don't wait for the headache to come. They can be quite painful so it's best to be proactive with the meds. You will be extremely tired for a good while after surgery. Listen to your body and rest when you need to. Don't be super anxious to get back to your regular routine. Give yourself plenty of time to recover. Best wishes on your surgery. We look forward to hearing the good news once you're able to tell us how it went!

Hi Lynn,
I echo everyone else & encourage LOTS of rest during recovery.
Prior to surgery if your hair is long enough to braid, do so. :)
My hair is long & braiding it in 2 braids does help on the tangles. While in hospital my husband carefully avoided my incision & staples while spraying a detangler in my hair, then gently combing it out.
Best wishes on your surgery! :)

I'll echo everyone here, listen to your body, and rest when you need to.
Also, try to be patient with yourself after surgery, it will take time and patience for things to return to the way they were, and to get back to your regular routine.

We're all here for you! Best of luck to you with your procedure, and the recovery. Think of you and praying for you.

Hi Lynn,

While I am unable to offer any tips or advice for your pre or post op recovery, I'm thinking that being AVM-FREE is going to be a wonderful, peaceful feeling for you and your family! My prayers will be with you on the 30th and stay focused on the many blessings that are heading your way {HUGS}!


Hi Adrian,
Thank you for your message, it means a lot to me! I am thinking very positive and hopefully it helps get me through it! oh Morphine? I didn't realise this is what is given? however it must be required for the pain! Take care xxxx

Thank you , it means a lot to me! Hope you are well Barbara.. x x x

Thank you for your reply! It means so much to me! My hair is just above my shoulders so not that long. I will try and put it in a side bun or something! great advice, I do like to munch anyway so i will make sure i am stocked up on goodies! thank you i hope you are well! xx

Hi Trish, thanks for the advice, it means a lot! i will look forward to being AVM free!! xx

Hi Ninibeth,

Thanks for your msg.. i am aware that you had to go through these motions more than once, that must have been very difficult for you. so good that you are now avm free and hopefully after monday, i can say the same! take care xxxxx

Hi Patti, glad that you are being positive and you look really well in yours pics! One of your lovely cats is just like mine! cute! Thank you for the advice! its really appreciated xxxx

Hi Leslye! Thank you so much fror your message, it means a lot to me! Im not one for being lazy or lying about it annoys me when things are not being done properly around the home! so i will find this part very hard. after all the comments though i will defo be depending on others more than what i would normally! take care xxx

Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your comforting words and im sure that will be an excuse for a celebration or even a holiday, if it turns out i can be avm free!!! thanks for the prayers and i hope you are well.. xxx

Hi there. I would recommend breathing deeply and visualizing a good outcome before the surgery. Have friends pray for you or send you positive thoughts-it helps to know they are doing this. Take your pain meds afterwards and elevate your head if possible. Take it easy and rest, rest, rest. And remember it gets better.

I had my crainitomy 4.5 weeks ago......STAY POSITIVE and surround urself with loved ones. I went through a whole range of emotions but took it one day at a time. I was very nervous and scared as well but i had complete faith in my medical team! Expect to feel like crap im just being honest but it will get better. Keep in mind that you're having major surgery and that your body will be in shock...let ur body heal, listen to it and stay strong. Its ok to cry,be sad and angry it doesn't mean ur weak let it out....i really had a hard time understanding that. i'll keep u in my prayers and good luck!

My recovery has been going well ..taking off the whole 3months to recover fully....i lost some periphreal vision and have some muscle weakness do to the tired all the time but guess what I'm ALIVE !!!

Yes, will ceratinly be a reason for a celebration AND a new holiday for YOU!!! I have a cerebral angiogram scheduled for next Friday, May 4th, to determine the state of my AVM and we'll go from there. I had an emergency embolization back in Feb, 2011 which was the night my AVM was first discovered after I had survived a massive brain hemmorhage. I also had CyberKnife (stereotactic radiation) back in June, 2011, to treat the residual pieces that reamined after the emobilization. I'm hopeful that I will get a good report next Friday...And, you, my friend, will already be on your way to AVM-FREE by then :)! XXOO

omg yes my hair is super long,,,i had two braids but my hair was still tangled once they wrapped it up in the head dressing...... detangling spray works well!