Post Hospital Life

I was given a cat-scan after I was released and it
showed no more AVMs or other serious problems to worry about. And that August I got to see the neuro-surgeon, and he talked to me and watched how I could walk without my cane, and talked to me about how to try to get my driver's license back. There were no big problems to report.
This was the last time that I ever got to see a neuro-surgeon. For someone like me, they seem to think that
it is better to leave well enough alone. The patient
must fend for himself in whatever recovery is
still needed. In my case it would take almost five more
years of recovery. My MD had to do for any further problems, but it all worked out.

The back of my head was numb when I got back home, and it
would continue to be for some months. I noticed two very
small blind spots in one eye off to one side. I could only
see them after I had washed my hair and my eyes were wet.
After a few months I could no longer see these at all.

A couple yrs. after this I was improving, but not quite there and it was early 2005. My mom had cancer and they
found it too late. I was called in by the hospital
admin man and asked if there were instructions concerning
my mother as she was dying. I told him that my wife had
been asked the very same thing about me when I was near death, and she had not allowed it.I bet that surprised him. I came back, but poor mom was much older and on morphine and they said there was no hope. I had been given definite instructions by my mom previously, and I relayed that to him, but she surprised them all by dying very soon from her advanced illness. I was just glad that she did not
have to suffer too long. She was in the hospital only 9 days until she passed.

One day it will really be my time as well and I hope
I go quickly.
But we all are alive and hopefully well and will all
have yet our best years to live.

Hi John, I discovered from this posting that we have another situation in common. My mom died on February 9, 2005, about 6 months after being diagnosed with cancer. So, John, I can relate to your experience with your mom although my mom died over 6 years before my burst. So, God bless you and yours, John, and yes, I have thought that I should relay to my husband to stick with me, the best is yet to be. Thanks, John.

Good Susan. Yes, I do think that for many of us the best is yet to come.
I was really thinking more about the after life, but in many ways to me
better times are already here.

I am sorry about your mom, and mine. Cancer is awful, but I guess they are getting better
at treating it. It is not so fearful now, but of course to those of us
who have been in a NDE...the fear of death is no longer very great. True?

Hey John and thanks for the comment. I agree that after crossing over several times, I have no fear of death and while I cannot describe heaven, I was with my parents and felt tremendous peace and contentment. So, while I will not accelerate my demise, I have no fear and I have told my husband and my children of my resolution. Thanks, John.