Post gamma knife 9/6/19 and now I have tunnel vision

I was having so many problems with my head ( severe headaches vision problems) Just thought it was was my vision. Almost wrecked two or three times flat tire because I don’t see something by construction zone. Saw neurosurgeon June 19, 2020 he said only 5 to 10% of patients get brain swelling and some necrosis almost a year after gamma knife. First line to repair it is a high dose of steroids with pento? and vitamin E if that doesn’t work he injected a drug right into my brain. The third step is opening me up and taking it out and he said I will get my vision back. I still can’t see him on insulin now because my sugars are sky high so I’m talking to the microphone I hope you can understand this

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Sorry to hear Linda. I didn’t experience anything to the extent you have post gamma knife, I was on steroids due to swelling post bleed. We have had a few members here that required a course of steroids due to swelling post SRS. Wishing the best and hoping the steroids are successful. Your microphone worked just fine. Take Care, John.

Thank you so much for the encouraging words.

I used to have tunnel vision a long time ago. It was because of the damaged spot in my brain next to eyesight. My brain would start swelling or just because of me growing also. I was 10 when my AVM ruptured. The weirdest thing about my tunnel vision is how I best explained it to my doctor was by saying your watching TV and it’s full screen at first being normal but then would change to wide screen. Would only last about 2 minutes but it was weird.

Yes that is what it’s like. I’m glad your doing better

Thank you so much. I can see a little better out of the left side now. The right side is normal. I go in August for another MRI

Last Wednesday on the 23rd I had a cerebral angiogram where they put mannitol in first and then Avastin so now I go back in 90 days my doctor at UK Hospital Dr. Fraser in Kentucky pioneered for the doctor from Louisville this process it’s supposed to grow a new blood vessels in my brain so it’ll stop swelling.

Sorry if the words are incorrect I had do use the microphone