Post fifth embo

Hi Everyone just wanted to let you know my fifth embo went well the doctor said he got alot more of it. The plan has changed just a little though, he said several more embos will be needed just not the two he planned and then radiation. He would not give me a number just said we are going to take it one at a time. Over all this was my best embo to date. Had a little problem with some visual disturbances so they admitted me again since this is one sign of stroke but everything is good. I loss the bottom right quadrant in both eyes of my vision already so they said if I lose sight in the upper quadrant to call them back. I felt kinda of silly because over all I felt great just the funny things going on in my vision. I will be having the embos every six weeks, just don't know how many and then we will discuss the gamma knife. I feel positive and stronger right now than I have in a long time and want to keep this feeling going. Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts and encouragement you keep me going as well as my family. All my best to you all! xoxoxoxo

I’m glad you are feeling good !!!

A year out from GK, my avm is stable, but there is no change in size. Neurology(DR. Pinzon at Jefferson) says my avm is microscopic. I think the embo that I had at Penn made it that way, I’m waiting for the GK to finish it off :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Embos are no fun and it is so wonderful you are staying positive! I hope there won’t be too many more and they continue to be as “easy” as this one. Do they think your vision loss is due to all the messing around in your head and will come back or is it permanent? Keep up your positive feelings! They are well worth the effort!

Ameenah I will be praying for you that the GK will finish it off for you! Jamie thank you so much! They believe the AVM caused my vision problems because it is in the occipital area as well as the parietal. I asked this last hospital stay if there was a chance of getting it back and they said no because that area of my brain has not been used for so long. I am ok with that though. I still have a great life and with my limitations I still function pretty good. If they can say it is obliterated that would be the best thing I could ever hear. Right now I am just taking it one surgery at a time and living life. xoxoxoxo to all