Post-Embolization Recovery Advice


Would anyone care to share what their recovery from an embolization looked like? I have an unruptured AVM in my occipital lobe which my doctors at Hopkins want to embolize twice 4-6 weeks apart before a craniotomy.

I am hoping to fly to California from D.C. about 2 1/2 weeks after the first one but I realized I have no clue what a recovery looks like. I understand there are a lot of mitigating factors, but am still interested in your experience.


I have an unruptured 6cm AVM in my parietal/occipital lobes. Like you, I had two embolizations a month a part. The firs one was harder for me. Idk if it was just because I had not gone through it before or what but I did not get out of bed for the first week! The second was better but still painful but I was up and moving a lot quicker. I have had constant head pain since my embolizations but idk if that’s usual. My doctors tell me most people don’t have headaches like I do. I did also fly after my second surgery it was about 3 weeks post op…it was ok, but with my constant pressure in my was and pain it definetly increased but if you have to fly, it’s not the worst! I hope I helped some! Feel free to contact me if you have anything I can help with! Good luck!

That's so helpful, Amanda. Thank you! All my best to you.