Post craniotomy "pressure" headaches

Anyone out there ever experienced pressure headaches from their craniotomy? Not nerve pain, only when putting my head against anything. Otherwise headache free during the day, sleeping is when it affects me because of pressure from the pillow, couch, whatever. Meds not an option. Any ideas or others that experienced this?

Hi swimclimb! I have not had a craniotomy, but I remember having headaches like the one you described for about 3 months after my bleed, and they were made significantly worse when I laid down. I ended up sleeping mostly upright in a recliner during that time so the pressure wasn't so bad on my head. I noticed that it started when I was weaning off the steroids, so I wondered if it was just increased swelling making me feel that way. It went away over time- glad I can sleep in my bed again. Hope you can find some relief. Best wishes!

I have these headaches as well but I am over 4 months post op. Im not sure how extensive your crainiotomy was but mine was a 12 inch incision around my hair line like a head band. I still experience pain, pressure, and sharp muscle and nerve pain. Think it takes a while to heal from something like this. Im trying to be patient. Good luck to you.

Thanks, unfortunately these headaches have been with me since my craniotomy feb 14, 1994. 21 years of sleeping in a reclined position with ice on my head, it's as healed as it can get! I believe because my skull slipped and flattened during the healing process that there is pressure from the skull, though no nerve pain. I pretty much have succumbed to the continual ice, every 3-4 months I get to sleep all the way through the night without the pressure, those nights are definitely cherished!

Holy Crap! That sounds terrible!!! Im so sorry to hear this. Im wondering if your situation is unique. Prayers for you and sorry you have to endure that life long pain.

Hi Swimclimb, Yes I can say i get this all the time and its been near 4 yrs since my surgery...i get scared sometimes as they can get quite strong and remind me of when i had my bleed BUT i have learnt to live with it after reassurance there is no bleed or AVM etc...God bless i know its hard and hope you feel better soon!

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Hi Swim, I have posted a few times about this "weird" sensation when lying on my Craniotomy side. The problem is .. its not quite pain but more just uncomfortable :( , I'm sure you know exactly what I mean, It has gotten better for me which is good news and given its been just over a year since my last Craniotomy (I have had 2 in the same area :( ) this is good and a short recovery time. I found that sleeping with 2 pillows and staying well hydrated is always a good thing, I sleep on my back or left side now since my right temporal surgeries, So I guess what I'm trying to say is that this may get better but from other replies it may not, But stay positive and remember your recovery will take a long long time so set small goals to be sure you see improvements :) , This will help to keep you motivated.

I’m sorry you’re in pain. I’ve been there and I hope if get better!