Post Crainiotomy

Hello all, just updating my journey and I have to say it’s been crazy. After my AVM was successfully removed I had developed blood clots in my legs and picked up a viral infection that really didnt help my head whatsoever. Coughing is quite painful and hopefully will not be for much longer. This virus will have to run its course and the clotting will have to be monitored on a weekly basis to make sure that my INR levels are up and that my blood is at 2.5 ideally. The headaches have greatly improved since the operation and will know in another month how things are in there after I see my specialist on the 16th of June. I will keep you updated as I know how things are going. Take care for now and god bless all.

Wow. That is alot to deal with. I know how serious blood clots are as well as dealing with everything else! I hope you are able to take it easy and get lots of rest. Is your local hospital monitoring your blood thinners? Take care Binky.

Yes they are, but funny, depending on the doctor you get that day, they all suggest something different as to how I should go about monitoring my levels. It’s very frustrating to say the least, so I just continue to go to emerg and have them do it there. I can’t drive to Toronto 1x or 2x a week right now anyways , so they will have to take care of it here in Lindsay.