Post Crainiotomy for Ryan / Rt Frontal Lobe AVM 3.5 cmm with new recruits ( All removed )

The AVM Craniotomy was performed on the 21st of August 2013, they removed a piece of Ryan's skull Rt frontal lobe as big as the palm of your hand, then took out the AVM which was about 3.5 cmm and all the new recruits that came along with it that developed after the radiation he received in 2010. They then replaced the skull and held it in place with a titanium plates self tapping screws. His surgery lasted about 11 hours and was woken up that same day. The only immediate side effect from the surgery was slight palsy on the left side of his face (he literally can minimally smile on the Right side of his face). The best day was when the surgeon told us he is now cured of AVM. He is not even a week post surgery. we have alot of recovery yet ahead of us. However ,staples were removed yesterday Monday, August 26, 2013. In addition Monday August 26, 2013 was the 4th anniversary of first learning that he had an AVM . We find this quite serendipitous because on this 4 year anniversary Ryan is completely AVM free.

Rana , Ryans Mom

Terrific, Rana! All the best to you and Ryan!

That is good news.. :) I bet you feel like a big weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, huh? How soon will they let him come home?


Congratulations on the good surgery!

That is good news!!

Hi everyone ,
Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and prayers. Ryan has been back in Austin since last Friday . He is improving on many levels . We are free of AVM . It is truly a miracle .

The truth is that it will take a while for him to recover and reach a place of normalcy that works for him and his wife . His affect is still flat , he has a delay in his responses when speaking to him. Look it has been 3 weeks and 4 days . It would be ludicrous of us to expect him to be perfect. It will be a process we went not this knowing that. We signed on for the process. In life there are choices we make . We weigh out the parts and then make the decision . It was in our favor to have it removed. The aftermath is deal able . Physical therapy perhaps cognitive therapy, perseverance , goal setting and hope and more hop that will change him on a daily basis. He will live a long life now . Perhaps there will be a new normal !

I am relived to say the least. Our lives have been changed forever because of the gift that bestowed on us by Dr. Robert Solomon , the team and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Rana P. Dunn

this is VERY closely related to what my son just went through! Rt/ frontal Lobe AVM measuring the same size. The side effects are very similar, however, JJ also suffered Left side weakness and no use of the Left hand for a while. thank God for aggressive PT. The surgery was on 8/22/2013 and we were told that JJ is now AVM free:) The recovery process is intense but I’m hopeful that we will make it through with positive outcomes. I am so glad that I found this support group because “we” need this! This has also been hard for my entire family. There is a lot of stress involved so we need each other to make it through this!!!

wow JD thank you for sharing . How interesting Ryans surgery was 8/21/2013.