Post Cerebral Angiogram symptoms?

I had my 3rd angio last week and since then have had bizarre pins and needles in both feet and right leg. (My AVM is mainly in my right frontal lobe).
Because I’ve never had these symptoms before, they took me in for an MRI/MRA on Friday- but it showed nothing unusual.
They plan to do a thoracic & head MRI later this week.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello Chopseigirl..
I've had 3 Angio since my craniotomy in February, and I go for my final post one this Thursday (right frontoparietal lobe, and an aneurysm to boot) I've never experienced these sort of symptoms you speak of, but it sounds as if they are ruling out all possibilities. I don't have any answers, but you have all of my support. Please share with us how everything goes as i'm sure someone has experienced much the same as you. Prayers...

Hi Chopsie, Its so nice to see a post from you :) , I have had weird symptoms after an angio even up to 2 > 3 weeks after one, But I have always made an appointment with my local doctor to speak about them. I was reassured and in the end all was fine. I had a phone number of the department who did the angio aftercare also (hospital ward) and called them a few times to ask questions and one time they even got the doctor to call back. So I would say the best thing is obviously check with your doctor :) . I hope everything works out well. Take care


yes i have a cavernous malformation, Ive also had a angio I experience pins and needles in my feet and hands quite often.

Ever since I had the brain bleed (2009) I have had lots of strange symptoms. I helicopter sound in my ear, dizziness, ear ringing, numbing in hand. One summer I had severe vertigo. All my avm friends say this is "normal" they said you will always have these symptoms because you are having what is called micro bleeds. Don't let it scare you. You will be fine.