Post AVM Operations has friendships changed?

Since the operation I struggle to maintain my cool, I have soar duct moments when I just lash out… Due to stress tiredness… Lately fell out with a few friends over there attitude towards me…??

Just wondering if we are in someways always alone ??

You are not alone as you have us! We all understand what you are going through! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

Its a very difficult situation. Allow yourself to be angry sometimes!

And I agree with Louisa, you are not alone! Probably most if not everyone on this network knows what its like to lash out at those close to you. We are here for you and Im sure the people close to you are too.

When I feel stressed out, in pain and angry I tell the people around me how I feel. It makes it a little easier for them to understand why. All the best xx LeaMi

Thanks, I’ve seen a lot of anger directed towards me, over the last few days, so I feel it’s better to stay around close family from now on. Ever since the stroke I am just the same person!

Hi Bhav1973,
Is is possible that you may have or suffer with 'hypertension" since your surgery? That can make you short fused as well. I know some people who have this, that's why I'm asking. If you do, there is medicine for it. If it is soley from being stressed and tired (I get that way too), I would try to rest through out the day. Take a lot of breaks. Even if it's only for a few minutes at a time. Some is better than none.

Are we alone? :/.....yes and no. I believe everyones illnesses/sufferings (for lack of a beter word) are their own to deal with. No one can do that for us. However, our true friends and family will help us and support us the best that they can.


I think it was tired induced, my mental balance is not so good, when I don’t nap or take breaks from everything. Plus certain old friends I’ve come to the conclusion are not friends, so I think I need to find true friends, & not just equantancies. Also my mental attitude to life has also altered… So who I was prior to my hemorrhage is in some form or another dead… What came back I’m still on the road to discovery!!