Post 2 - More Info

I had an aneurysm bleed related to my AVM in May 2012. It was quite a mysterious experience from my perspective. I was in and out of consciousness for basically 8 days.
May 1st I slept the entire day. Wednesday, May 2 I was awake off and on and Thursday 3 was a bit better but Friday, May 4 I told my wife to call an ambulance because something was definitely wrong.
I remember some of the ride in the ambulance and some of the time in the ER. I did seem disconnected from events though. It was like I was watching through a porthole. The people, the voices, the sounds, all felt separate from where I was.
There were certain sensations that I don't feel comfortable writing about at this time except it was quite a spiritual experience. Perhaps a presence that has carried over with such a sense of calm that I had never known.
I remember waking up, which would have been Wednesday, May 9 to the sound of a garbage truck. Then all pancakes broke loose. As mentioned previously, I wanted a Dr. Pepper but that wasn't going to happen. They were going to move me and clean me but I think they had to sedate me again because I woke up in a different bed in a different area of the hospital.

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