Possible Seizures?

Hi. My name is
Teresa. I am new to the site, this is my first question. I am post surgery to remove an AVM the ruptured 4 times. I still suffer from migraines. I have been diagnosed with an aneurysm in the same area. I get these really bad stabbing pains in the area often accompanied by “flashing rainbows” in my field of vision.

Has anyone experience similar circumstances? Are these some type of seizure?


I didn’t have the exact issue but my vision is one thing that was damaged. My field of vision isn’t perfect but to this day it’s a lot better but before having a seizure I would have what is called tunnel vision. It’s where your eyesight gets very tight and some times blurry. it’s been a long time since that has happened but that was concerning and was a warning of a seizure that may happen. Yours sounds different but just a suggestion is that maybe you should have an E.E.G. Flash test. If you have any question about that just ask.


Hi and welcome. It is great you joined us.

I’ve been reading “Migraine” by Oliver Sacks in recent months and the one thing I read in there that might help is that there seems to me to be a big grey overlap between a migraine and a seizure. Both conditions can have effects that are present in the other, so if the idea of “seizure” scares you, it may not be: it may be that the doctor will consider it to be more migrainous.

Have you been able to discuss it with your doctor? I’d definitely say that it is important to mention them.

When I had my embolisation in April, I had what you might describe as a “flashing rainbow” for the first time ever. I think what you might be describing is a “scintillating scotoma”. Have a look on Google and search for images of a scintillating scotoma and see how the pictures match. I was amazed that the effect I could see was replicated in a book.

I have to tell you that a scotoma is a common “Classic” migraine aura symptom, so I think it is migrainous in nature rather than to do with a seizure.

Let me know if I’m describing the right thing for you.

Hope this helps,


Hello and welcome Teresa, nice to have you here, my surgery was 30+ yes s ago and I deal with head pain on a daily basis, just depends on what degree, no real answer but we are all different and you just need to find what works for you, consult with your Dr’s and do your research, ask lot’s of questions, you have come to the right place, a lot of incredible people here, wishing you all the best and some short of relief, follow your heart it will never fail you!! Welcome to are site, take care and keep us posted,

Thank All for your responses. I had an EEG and no seizure. So @DickD, I think you may be correct. I googled the scintillating scotoma and, although it does not match the flashing rainbows I described, I do also experience this effect. Which is cool tto know that it is something people and Drs. are aware of. Mine scintilating scotoma happens in my peripheral vision and looks the way heat waves look when radiating from a very hot surface and it is alo rainbow-ish.

I have a neurology appt. coming up soon so I will let my doc know.

Thanks! Best,

Jolly good. Does it look anything like this?

(image from this page)… mind you I’ve only found these by googling, too, so you’ve probably already seen the picture.