Possible change in treatment?

Saw the doc who did my shunt almost two years ago. He looked at my MRI pics from 12/27/2013 and thinks I may be a candidate for Gamma Knife/Cyber Knife (don't recall which).
I'm a bit bigger than 5 cm buttttt they will review and get back to me. Embolization is out of the question due to size after review about a year ago.
Otherwise, the doc was happy with my improvement considering what shape I was in when I had my bleed. Things aren't perfect, I've lost a few things, math is gone, short term memory and reading retention are shot. A couple things have improved.
Hope all are doing well and best to you!

It's Gamma Knife (couldn't remember which before) per phone call. Will be speaking with doctor/radiologist for two step treatment.
More to follow after appt.

Any yet more to follow after Gamma Knife appt

Some of our members have had "fractionated" radiosurgery (done in stages) for large avms. How about you, tdz? Is your doctor recommended several GK treatments, or all at one go?

Going to see another doc re: embolization. If that's out of the question then radiosurgery is the last option (for now). I'm not sure if that's something I want. I'll be 53, the gamma knife is 2-3 years.
If it's GK, it will be at least 2 treatments.

Don't get rushed into anything. It's okay to take time and consider. I hope your appointments go well.