Possibilities and Choices

I find it pretty difficult to believe that I will be graduating from college soon. It took me five years of frustration, hard work, triumphs and failures...but I am pretty much staring the future in the face right now.

It's kind of amazing whenever I look back. By 2009, I was so determined to start attending university like I was supposed to the year of my injury (2008). In the summer of 2010, the folks at Transitions of Long Island were preparing me for the SLP program, and I was more motivated than ever...and that fall, I came to St. John's as a part-time student (something that would screw me over...I was constantly behind on credits!)

I have all these papers to submit and tests to complete, but I am in the process of completing my last year in school. Well, technically I will be taking a summer class for those two remaining credits I lack...but I am set to attend commencement.

Speaking of, I've been looking for jobs to save up enough money for graduate school in the future. So if anybody knows of anything...you know what to do haha.