Positivity after AVM Brain Damage

3yrs & 4mths after brain surgery & damage I still feel and am positive! For 15mths I have been having many seizures & my Neurologist has tried many meds to control my seizures without success. I have been having too many seizures lately, approx one every 2nd day & as it takes about 2-4 days to recover from 1, I am always tired, to say the least!. However, my son got married on Thursday and I had a seizure the day before and I decided that no matter what, I would be there and I would be as bright & happy! It was a big day as we had to drive 2 hrs to get there, then the wedding was from 4pm till 11pm.
It was a beautiful day, my son and new daughter-in-law (beautiful young woman) were so very happy! My two wonderful grandchildren were there and lots of family & friends that I hadn't seen for ages, so there was lots to talk about. There was a lot of music and dancing and I had a great time dancing with my son & daughter & other family members (still rather sore as I hadn't danced for quite some time :) )! It was a great time even though all I want't to do was sleep!
By the Grace of God and the support and positive stories & friendships from this wonderful Survivors Network, I was able to enjoy my son's beautiful wedding day & no one knew that I was so exhausted! I just wanted you to know that it is possible to enjoy life after brain damage & having to re-learn everything again. Positive thinking, support & faith is the key for me! Thank you all so very much :)

Well done!!!! So glad you made it.


You, my dear are an awesome example for the rest of us (including me). I am so glad you were there for that very happy day for your son. I know you have been through and keep getting dealt a lot, but your outlook in spite it all is taking you very far. Thank you for sharing this with us and know we love and support you in everything. (((( Lesley )))) :J

Congratulation to you and your son, Lesley! I'm so glad this special day with your family went well for you. Thanks for reminding us that happiness is still possible with an avm.

Congratulations on your sons wedding and to you for being there (though your body probably 'cried' out for rest!) You are a positive inspiration to many & I admire you for your strength & ongoing perserverence.
Thanks for sharing this moment.

Lesley, congratulations on your son's wedding. And good for you!! So proud of you. I know how exhausted you must have been. I'm exhausted just reading about it. And yes, a positive outlook is everything. And it's a choice! One can choose to be miserable or one can choose to be happy. You choose to be happy and that makes me happy!

Hey Lesley - congrats to you and your son on the wedding.

Sorry to hear about the seizures; fatigue, for sure, blows; and I'm glad that you made it through okay.