Porta cath at 23?

This most recent hospital stay really brought it to my attention that I have no veins on my unaffected arm. They ended up sending in a pic nurse with the ultra sound. (I was averaging a new iv everyday) the nurse brought up Porta-cath. I’ve been in the medical field long enough to know they arnt attractive. I know it sounds vain but I like to look pretty. Is it worth it to save my veins and lose the ability to look “hot” at 23? I just wanna be normal!

Gosh, Lynsey, you're the first member here who's begged to be "just normal".(big grin). Kidding big time, of course, as that is the wish of ALL of us..........

My wife (age 59) now wears a portacath for chemo. When my father in law had one, it was a gaggle of tubes hanging outside. Her's is all under her skin on the upper right chest. She jokingly calls it her third tit! If she wears an open collared shirt, and turns just right, it shows. But it's not that noticeable.

The convenience it allows is well worth it in our view. She also has tiny veins and it takes a very skilled person to draw blood from her.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

I had one during my 3 month hospital stay. This is because I contracted meningitis after my crainiotomy and needed twice daily IV antibiotics. Mine was in my upper chest. Just remember they are temporary and you can go back to being your beautiful non-Porta cath self once it’s not needed. And yes, it is worth it!