Please Help

So I was brought to the ER friday night complaining of hearing popping and then fluid rushing to where the popping was the popping was where my AVM is located. The doctors are all looking at me like im nuts… has anyone else experienced this popping rushing senstation? Please answer so I can let the doctors know what to look for because they don’t know what to do with me :frowning:

I felt/heard a pop inside my head,& felt the fluid in my back!I kind of remember someone saying it was unheard of but I know what I felt!

I haven’t heard the sounds your talking about ,but I’ve heard a whole lot of other sounds and I’ve been looked at like I was nuts a bunch of times.And you know I’m not nuts my elevator just doesn’t go to the top.So you hang in there Kid I have a lot of faith in you ,and I’ve missed you in the chat room. Cya old guy signing off