PLEASE HELP: Vision and Botox

I read a posting on here a few days ago about vision problems (specifically, double vision) and botox being used to resolve the double vision; however, I did not locate that posting again when I went back days later. Does anyone have any knowledge or information about botox being used to help resolve double vision?

For those whom had botox administered for spasticity, can you please inform me of what the 'procedure' feels like and how it is administered, etc.?

I'm hoping to get a feel of what to expect should botox be an option. Whom (a "regular" doctor/physican, a 'botox facility' with staff who performs botoxx injections routinely, eye doctor, etc.) administers it? Does one need a 'prescription' from their neurologist, etc. before getting it performed? ANY and ALL information is welcomed!

Thank you, in advance, for your contributions!!!

Hi Cindy. I get Botox every 6 months. It involves shots. The doc will take a needle that has a special sound device on it. She will insert the needle to the desired area, then she will kinda wiggle it till she hears noise. The noise is the spastic nerve. Then when she finds the magic spot, she will inject the Botox. This will happen anywhere from 6 to 30 times, depending on your level of spasisity and whether you are getting it in both upper and lower extremities. The pain is mainly the needle sticking, but its not too bad. I suggest you have someone drive you there for sure. But it is well wort the benifits. I get my botox shots at my neurologist office. A special facility i not required. As a side note, earlier this year I recieved my latest botox at a teaching symposium for physicians and Physical Therapist in front of 40 people and a camera, fun fun fun! I get my next shots on December 5th. Your physician will defenitly normally require insurance approval for the botox. Plus there is normally a limit of 600 units if you are on medicare(disabilty) insurance plans. Hope this helps you, good luck!

Thank you, James! It does help!