Please help us out

I know this has nothing to do with an avm however i was hoping some of my avm friend could help us out. Alyssa Losciavo is a 15 year old fellow cheerleader from my area who was struck by a van in May 2011 and sustained serious head injuries due to the accident. Alyssa is now home with her family however she is still considered in a minimally conscious state. her family who has no way of transporting her on their own is having a difficult time making arrangements to get her to her appointments and have entered a contest to win a wheelchair van. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help them win this contest; you can go to
to vote once every 24 hours per IP address if you use a promo code it will get her 5 votes the promo codes are (802/ 855/ 939/ 944/ 847/ 889/ 782/ 829/ 724/ 744/ 823/ 848/ 850/ 852/ 868/ 946/ 945/ 882/ 873/ 915/ 1068/ 964/ 974/ 783/ 911/ 889/ 845/ 777/ 745/ 828/ 829/ 830/ 831)
If you want to join the facebook pages that will update you on how she is doing in the contest the links are bellow
Thank you for your help