Please comment if any has insight or experience

Hailey had scans done last week to check progression of AVM. It has grown through her forehead and one of the feeders behind her eye (her only good eye) the team at UCLA are worried treatment will casue a bleed and we’ve learned that when this happens the ocoplastic surgeon would try and resect but it’s an extreme risk to her sight and potentially the movement in her eye as well. They will have another meeting regarding how to proceed. The team requests that I go in for a follow up to discuss options. This was an unexpected disappointment to learn of the future she will be faced with weather it’s soon or a little later. Perhaps it’s premature but I am looking into Brail classes and researching possibilities of shrinking veins. I’m such a confused and sad mother right now.

Hi Hailey's mom and I will continue to keep Hailey and your family in my prayers.

I will also pray for strength, comfort, and healing.