Pills - Treatment of Arteriovenous Malformation

Is there a cure or treatment for Arteriovenous Malformation WITH pills ?

Not that I have heard of and believe there is no such pill… God bless!

There is no risk free way to get rid of an AVM. Click on AVM info at the top of this page. The usual treatments are listed there.

If ONLY it just took a pill!

no sorry there is not a pill for treatment of the AVM
Mine luckily was treated with one angio/embolism and then I waited for my next angio/embolism a few years due to my brain healing from a stroke that was before the AVM and was very lucky and it sealed itself. This is rare.
Most people do fine with the angio/embolism
some people start with that and then have to have a craniotomy if you avm is in your head.

You want to make sure you see a specialist not just a neuro- You can find resources on here or just ask based on your location

I know this is super scary and hard to explain to others.

This group is very supportive and feel free to express your concerns
We all have had our freak out moments.