AVM Survivors Network

Physical Therapy, Vestibular and Tinnitus


Hi all, Been a little while - no major breakthroughs for either the good or the bad, just slogging through the mud.

I did have a question for the group - we met with two doctors from the local rehab hospital (Mary Free Bed - I believe they are nationally known) to get an evaluation of where we were at and what if anything we should be doing different.

The good news is that they said we are doing everything we should be doing. The not so good news is that the ringing in my ears hasn’t lessened up and the last time I had Physical therapy, they didn’t think there was much more they could do.

So my questions for the collective brain power - have any of you had success in PT lessening the tinnitus - and if so what did they do?

The PT people I’ve worked with have brought me back approximately 60-70% of the way in terms of balance. I would like to get more than that. Okay, maybe I’m greedy but I really don’t want to live the rest of my life this way unless I absolutely have to. Know what I mean? So anyone know of people doing “cutting edge stuff” with vestibular therapy - I would love to know about it.

Thanks - you guys are such a source of encouragement - just knowing that we’re all out there and I’m not the only one is huge…